Thomas Franklin

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Thomas Franklin is a partner in the Denver and San Diego offices of Kilpatrick Townsend. He focuses his legal practice on patent prosecution, licensing and intellectual capital management with more than fifteen years of experience with intellectual property. He is experienced in intellectual property audits, due diligence, licensing, and strategic portfolio development. Seeing a need for better client visibility into the patent process, Mr. Franklin co-founded the software tool vendor Triangle IP to provide innovation management for patent portfolios with enhanced analytics, data and insights throughout the patent lifecycle. He listens to clients to tailor portfolio strategy to business goals, competitive pressures and funding constraints to provide the most value to the patent effort. Mr. Franklin uses IP protection to maintain the dominance of large companies or assist smaller enterprises who are vying to dominate. Recognized by Chambers USA, sources noted Mr. Franklin as “a brilliant and intelligent attorney who knows IP law inside out.”

Posts by Thomas Franklin

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