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Stacy Lewis has been a Law Clerk at Finnegan for over 20 years and has co-authored dozens of articles about U.S. patent law. She is also the coordinating editor of the treatises Chemical Patent Practice and Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win.

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What are the Priority Date, Patent Term, and Effective Filing Date of a Patent: The Roles of Specific Reference, Incorporation by Reference, and Claim Support

A recent Federal Circuit decision demonstrates that for priority claims and patent term, the phrase “specific reference” is key. For example, amongst three related applications, to get …

Patenting Antibodies: Written Description Considerations in Antibody Patents

The Amgen v. Sanofi decision put most functional antibody claims into question, including epitope and competitive binding claims, as well as antibody claims based on a newly …
By Li Feng & Stacy Lewis
3 years ago 2

Patenting Antibodies: Obviousness Considerations

This article analyzes obviousness issues related to antibody patents at the Patent Trials and Appeal Board (PTAB) and in federal courts. We review several cases categorized by …