Senator Thom Tillis

Senator Thom Tillis

Senator Thom Tillis was elected to represent North Carolina in 2014. Senator Tillis is a member of the Judiciary Committee and Chairman of the reinstituted Subcommittee on Intellectual Property. As Chairman, his vision is to tackle the major issues facing America’s IP system and conduct rigorous oversight of the agencies tasked with protecting our nation’s intellectual property system.

Posts by Senator Thom Tillis

Tillis, Michel, and Kappos File Amici Curiae in American Axle at Supreme Court

On Monday,, March 2, an Amici Curiae Brief in Support of the Petition by American Axle was filed by Senator Thom Tillis, Honorable Paul Michel and Honorable David …

It’s Time for Congress to Modernize the United States Copyright Office

Every single day, millions of Americans enjoy the benefits of a robust copyright system that has been responsibly guided and carefully enacted by the U.S. Congress …
By Senator Thom Tillis
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