Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin is a founding partner of Blueshift IP. Attorney Plotkin has been a leader in obtaining software patents for over two decades, and consistently obtains software patents for clients even after the Alice Supreme Court decision and the passage of the AIA.

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Posts by Robert Plotkin

A Revolutionary Approach to Obtaining Software Patents Without Appealing to the PTAB

Today’s environment demands an agile approach, one that involves substantial up-front planning, followed by continuously learning from both the client and the marketplace, using a strategy …

A Post-Alice Playbook: Practical Strategies for Responding to Alice-Based Rejections

Although the Supreme Court in Alice declined to provide an express definition of “abstract idea,” the opinion is packed with evidence that the Court intended for the …
By Robert Plotkin
7 years ago 25

Software Patents are Only as Dead as Schrödinger’s Cat

The environment for patent applicants and examiners that has resulted from such inconsistent treatment of Alice by the USPTO is one in which neither examiners nor applicants …
By Robert Plotkin
7 years ago 27

Why Bilski Re-Affirms the Patent-Eligibility of Software

Even a very conservative reading of the opinions indicates that the Justices intended to leave the status of software as patent-eligible subject matter unchanged, and for further …
By Robert Plotkin
11 years ago 42

Why Wishes Should Be Patentable

Critics of software patents often argue that software should not be patentable because software is too “abstract” to be patented. The patent system was created to protect …
By Robert Plotkin
12 years ago 9