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Fatih Ozluturk is a Managing Principal of the Soryn IP Group and Soryn Capital. He is an inventor with over 200 issued patents and nearly 200 pending patent applications. His inventions have been licensed to every major cellular OEM. He teaches IP workshops in the NYC startup community. He is also the author of the popular book "Patents. Simplified." Fatih has his PhD from the University of Massachusetts, and his MBA from the Wharton School.

Posts by Fatih Ozluturk

Patent-Based Financings: Unlocking Licensing Revenues While Mitigating IP Monetization Risks

Patent monetization has become nearly impossible for middle-market technology companies without engaging in some level of legal action. Management teams have consequently shied away from pursuing licensing …

Common Afflictions of University Patent Portfolios

There are a few things that we notice when we look at the patent portfolios originated from the universities. There is no rule that applies to every …
By Fatih Ozluturk
5 years ago 0

Reintroduced Innovation Act Goes Too Far – By a Mile

This bill has elements that can be part of an ultimate solution, however it cannot escape being a rubber stamp for a viewpoint that sees intellectual property …
By Fatih Ozluturk
7 years ago 3

The Cost of Not Having Patent Protection

How many patent applications has your company filed today? If you are a typical new economy small tech company with software and internet centric technology or products, …
By Fatih Ozluturk
7 years ago 37