Dhananjay Kumar Das

Dhananjay Kumar Das

Dhananjay Kumar Das is a seasoned professional in the field of intellectual property with a technical background in electronics and telecom industry. He is a primary consultant at Sagacious IP and helps clients in making strategies for portfolio management, patent monetization, patent creation, and litigations.

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The Fairness of FRAND: Patent Pools, SSO Policies and the Way Forward

Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), as the name suggests, are an essential set of patents used for the implementation of a standardized technology. This set of patents renders …
By Dhananjay Kumar Das
9 months ago 1

Determining Essentiality: An Analysis of SEPs and Tips to Avoid Over-Declaration

A close examination of SEP databases reveals that a large number of patents that have been declared SEPs are not essential.... Patent owners are obliged to declare …