PR Contacts


We encourage Public Relations Firms to reach out and share industry news with us.   Please do not email Gene Quinn, Steve Brachman or any of our other authors directly.  Any and all inquiries regarding Public Relations, Guest Publications, Press Releases and Marketing should be addressed to Renee C Quinn, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations for IPWatchdog.


We generally do not interview contacts unless they are policy makers or industry leaders, but we are always looking to grow our network of guest contributing authors.

Guest Article Contributions

We are always happy to consider guest contributions for publication on IPWatchdog from those with expertise in areas of Intellectual Property. In fact, we have published several hundred guest articles and are increasingly publishing articles from distinguished guest authors.

We do not dictate topics or viewpoint to guest contributors, although we are happy to suggest topics or areas of interest if you would like us to.  Articles will be considered so long as they are topically relevant to our professional audience within the intellectual property industry and fit within our Article Submission Requirements.

Press Releases

We will not use Press Releases on Product launches but are happy to share press releases such as those shown on our Press Release Page.

Publication Time Frame

Please note that because we receive many guest contributions in addition to the many article that our authors write daily, we will generally publish guest articles and press releases within 7 days of receiving them.  However, publication times may vary and can take up to 2 weeks depending upon the topic of the article as well as what is going on within the industry at the time we receive your guest post.

Guest Author Database

We now maintain a database of authors that we use for our own internal purposes.  It helps us get to know our writers better and allows us to reach out to specific authors with expertise in the are of a topic or case we’d like to have covered.

If you wish to contact IPWatchdog pertaining to any of your firm’s clients please Contact Renee C Quinn, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, directly.