Manny Schecter

Manny Schecter

Manny Schecter is Chief Patent Counsel and Associate General Counsel at IBM. He has helped IBM generate over $20B of income from IP during his career while maintaining its position as the top annual US patentee for the last 24 consecutive years. He has worked his entire legal career of over 20 years in various business units of IBM, achieving his current position in 2009.

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What Direction Will the Incoming Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Need to Provide?

Overall, incoming USPTO leadership must have the capacity to see the “big picture” and weigh options for improving our innovation economy. Recognition that recent changes have weakened …
By Manny Schecter
1 year ago 2

Through the Looking Glass: Recent Federal Circuit Decisions Do Not Change the Need for Action on Alice

The few CAFC cases (since Alice) that have found inventions to be subject matter eligible is certainly a welcome development. These cases indicate that the CAFC does …
By Manny Schecter
1 year ago 5

Congress Needs to Act So Alice Doesn’t Live Here (in the Patent System) Anymore

The impact of Alice has been just what one would expect. The decisions of the USPTO examining corps, USPTO Patent Trial & Appeal Board, and lower courts have …
By Manny Schecter
2 years ago 36

Have We Met the Challenge of Creating Effective Post Grant Challenge Proceedings?

IPRs offer many improvements compared to inter partes reexamination[12]. However, the statistics reveal that IPRs are no more of a true alternative for litigation than the challenge …
By Manny Schecter
2 years ago 6

What ‘patent quality’ means for patent owners

Patent Quality. Two words that individually we all know what they mean, but you put them together and they cause lots of confusion. So let me clarify. …
By Manny Schecter
3 years ago 3

The Unforeseen Impact of Alice

The fact is, patent examiners are struggling with the application of 35 USC 101 in light of the Alice decision just as much as everyone else. Greater uncertainty among …
By Manny Schecter
3 years ago 59

The patent system hangs in the balance

IBM is proud to be the top recipient of US patents for the 22nd consecutive year. It should come as no surprise that we believe in a …
By Manny Schecter
4 years ago 28

Post Patent Issuance Challenges and the Quest for Patent Quality

My review indicated that 44% of patentees in IPR proceedings (those owning the patents undergoing challenge by way of IPR) are PAEs. I defined a PAE as an …
By Manny Schecter
4 years ago 12

IBM Chief Patent Counsel on Patent Litigation Reform

Federal Circuit Chief Judge Rader recently delivered an important and noteworthy defense of the U.S. patent system the recent annual meeting of the Association of University …
By Manny Schecter
5 years ago 3